What is the comic about?

Ball and Chain is set in Canada, 25 years after a nuclear disaster. The story follows the adventures of young mutant Sliver (a modern-day gladiator who fights with a ball and chain) and her friend, Dorioth (a scatter-brained pick-pocket who comes across a pair of shape-shifting gloves).

The plot and characters were inspired by my fondness of gladiators, mutants, and action/sci-fi films.

When does it update?

Every Thursday!

How is it drawn?

I use Photoshop to draw each page. However, the characters appearing on the chapter covers are drawn using ink and Prismacolor markers.

Who is the author?

Ball and Chain is written and illustrated by Cristina Marin (Super-Chi Studios).

I am a self-taught artist/hobbyist/aspiring cat lady specializing in pencil, ink, and Prismacolor marker work (often involving surreal themes). I live in Canada with my boyfriend, our cat, and our dog.

You can also find me on Deviant Art, Tumblr, and Facebook.


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