Ch 5 – Page 28
  1. And here’s Jane! When writing the script, I had forgotten the female politician’s name; I got lazy and simply referred to her as “Mrs. Evil” (her name is actually Mrs. Rousseau, and her design is based loosely on an authority figure with whom I associate some rather unpleasant memories, lol).

    Also, today’s release coincides with my birthday! Yay – I am now a quarter of a century old.

  2. offsprang left a comment on September 24, 2015 at 9:52 pm

    wow, i’ve read your whole comic today and wow. I love your lines and the coloring and the shapes and the way you draw the people -basically i just love the entirety of the aesthetic of this comic!!

  3. Nnnnnnooooo not elsewhere, I wasn’t fine with that previous scene!! //greedy

    Lol@Mrs.Evil tho…I’ve peppered my comic with a few of those myself xD

    Happy birthday, btw 😀

  4. Ha ha ha! I’m so bad at names, my characters often end up being called things like that on the script.

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Ch 5 – Page 28