Romantic fail?
  1. So, here’s why I decided to redo the first 2 pages of Chapter 6:

    Warning: Personal babble ahead!

    I started Ball & Chain after a break-up with a manipulative, emotionally-abusive person. I felt super isolated and disenchanted -and the least self-destructive thing I could do in order to cope with my anger was draw people beating the shit out of each other in a gladiator arena. Poetic, I know!

    The relationship between Dorioth and Sliver, now that I look back, would have worked so much better as magical platonic friends tied together by a really intense adventure (which is what I will be trying to go for now). Considering that Dorioth lead her on and then ditched her for other girls when he KNEW of her feelings, he just makes a shitty choice for a romantic lead. I had a helluva time justifying his actions, and NO. Just no. I can’t!

    I grew up. I need to let my characters grow up with me.

    In light of this realization, I felt it was necessary to have a (female) character that’s able to say, no, you treated me like shit, this won’t work – and address her problems head on.

    I’ve tried really hard to make Dorioth likeable in the latest chapter (in a cocky, heroic-fail kind of way), but that doesn’t excuse his behaviour towards Sliver. I like the character and I regret writing him like this. 🙁 Curse you, past self!

    Thank you all for your support and understanding in this matter! I will now move on to page 8 – after a bit more angst, the chapter will have some fun Gretel bits! Yaaay!

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